Appalachian Trail Jindo

A 2,200 mile hike with my dog Nara.


Jun 02, 2013

I think this is why some of us go hiking.

Cleaning up the clutter

May 30, 2013

Before my trip, I had to throw away a lot of junk and move my stuff to storage aka parents' place (thanks mom and dad).

In addition to my possessions, I decided to clean out my Gmail inbox. Ahhhh, It feels good to have a clean inbox again.

Section Hike - 45 miles to Harper's Ferry, WV

May 29, 2013

Hiked 45 miles from Linden, VA to Harper's Ferry, WV during Memorial Day weekend. Nara and I hiked with two of my friends: Jimmy , my programmer buddy from Cali, and John, my old co-worker who's known to be a voracious eater (think 3 Chipotle burritos during an hour lunch break).

The trail was crowded with weekend hikers and thru-hikers alike. If you prefer solitude, this is not the time to go backpacking in the northern Virginia area. All three nights were crowded at the shelters and nearby tent sites. On the bright side, we met a lot of thru-hikers, who gave us good advice and shared their experiences on the trail.

Tent city

Jimmy making breakfast: Oatmeal, berries, chocolate, and coffee

We met "Firehands," a thru-hiker who adopted a stray dog in Tennessee. He's been hiking with her ever since. I'm glad we ran in to them, and hopefully we'll cross paths again up north when I begin my south-bound hike.

North-bound hikers with adopted dog

On day 2, we encountered 13.5-miles of ascents and descents known as the "roller-coaster." It was tough stretch of land with lots of rocks on the trails. My friends quickly noticed that I stopped taking out the camera for those miles.

The last day we arrived in Harper's Ferry before noon. We woke up early around 5:30. While we were packing, we watched how quickly a solo hiker was packing her gear. She was very quick and also the first to leave camp. We caught up to her on the trail, and she mentioned how packing becomes second nature when you've been doing it every morning for the past two months. Packing gear has been my least favorite part about hiking, so it'll be nice when I can cut time breaking camp and add the extra time to actual hiking.

Our hammock and tent set up near an AT shelter

View of the Shenandoah River: bridge into Harper's Ferry

June 3 Departure

May 24, 2013

I reserved rental car and booked shuttle and board for June 3. Plan is to leave Virginia at 5 in the morning and reach Bangor,ME around 5 in the afternoon.

Hope I can fall asleep after the grueling 12-hour drive. Phil from 100 Mile Wilderness is going to pick me up from Bangor airport where I'll drop off the rental; drive me to his cabin; and help me plan my first few days in Maine.

If all goes well, the next morning, I will summit Katahdin, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. It's a 4,200 ft elevation climb, 5 miles up, and then 5 back down to the campground, where I'll likely crash.

No dogs allowed on Katahdin, so I'll have to leave Nara at a kennel on Day 1, but I'll be able to pick her up next morning and hike with her for the remainder of the trip.

In the meantime, I will join two friends on a Memoriial Day weekend hike from Linden, Va to Harper's Ferry, WV. It's about a 45 mile hike. It'll be good opportunity to test out some new gear and be around good company.

Big Sur Video

May 22, 2013

Oh gosh, this video makes me want to go back to Big Sur immediately!

Jindo Graphic

May 20, 2013

Very nice and concise graphic explaining the Jindo breed.

Thanks to Sarah Lister for the graphic.

Video Check

May 19, 2013

Testing website for embedded videos.


Messing around with photos

May 15, 2013

Playing around with iphone photo editing app.

textured photo


May 03, 2013

I need to test gear out for the big trip. I don't want to find out I have a hole in my tent when it starts raining up in Maine.

Getting cozy underneath the sleeping bag

Bullrun-Occoquan Trail: Hidden gem of Northern Va

May 03, 2013

Nara and I went on an 18 mile day-hike on the Bullrun-Occoquan trail to prepare for our Appalachian Trail thru-hike. We saw a fox and lots of deer, which really excited Nara.

She carried her pack and walked 3 mph pace for 6 hours with me. I think she did well.

Very green start to the hike

Looks like West Va

Bluebells are in bloom

Taking 5