Appalachian Trail Jindo

A 2,200 mile hike with my dog Nara.

Goodbye Vermont

Jul 30, 2013

592.5 miles hiked, 1,593.4 to go.

The Long Trail

Jul 30, 2013

The Long Trail is suppose to be the first long distance trail in the US. It's 270 miles long starting from Massachusetts-Vermont border all the way up to Canada.

105 of those miles are the same path as the AT in Vermont, which means the trail and shelters were a bit more crowded.

One thing I noticed in Vermont is that some of the shelters have picnic tables, which is so nice when stopping by for lunch or cooking dinner.

An off-leash Jindo

Jul 30, 2013

We've been practicing off-leash hiking now that we're out of Maine and New Hampshire (two hardest states).

It's suppose to be very difficult to walk off-leash with Jindos due to their high prey drive and independent nature. They definately like to roam.

However, a backpack seems to really help. Nara seems more focused on following me when the pack is on. I think hiking with me for a few weeks on-leash has also helped her to figure out that she's suppose to follow.

There's still occasions when she can't help herself and goes after a squirrel or bird, but she's improved a lot.

Much more comfortable hiking for me when she's off-leash

Still chasing small animals and getting muddy in the process

Funny comic

Jul 30, 2013

...about long-distance running, but I think a lot of it applies to long-distance hiking as well.

North bound reunion

Jul 30, 2013

Met a few north-bound thru-hikers during a weekend hike back in May, and was hoping our paths would cross again.

Sure enough, we saw each other just in front of the Stratton Pond shelter. All of us tented but on other sides of the pond. Good thing we all kind of slept in the next morning.

It was great to see them and catch up. They looked strong, in good spirits, and eager to hike the Whites and mountains of Maine. I wish them well.

Peaches and Firehands

Nara and Lucy (Jindo and Husky mix)

Manchester Center (pop 2,065)

Jul 30, 2013

After a 10 mile morning hike, I hitched into Manchester Center to resupply and spend the night.

We stayed at the Red Sled Motel. The owner was hiker-friendly and gave me reasonable hiker rate considering we're in the land of B&Bs. I had my first shower and load of laundry since Gorham, NH. It had been way too long.

The motel normally doesn't allow pets, but makes an exception for hikers.

The town was nice and very easy to hitch from/to trail head. Very nice people picked me up, and again I think its because I had Nara with me.

Nice motel. Not directly in town but an easy hitch to grocery store and restaurants

I'm so skinny now, and I still look dirty after a shower! Rain jacket also essential when doing laundry in town.

Maildrop #1

Jul 25, 2013

Sometimes you can't find things you want or need out on the trail, so you can either ship things ahead to yourself or get someone to ship it to a local post office for you.

I received a maildrop from my parents in Killington, VT. It was a huge morale booster. I got some unique items such as dried squid, seaweed, and supplements, and my mom also packed some spiritual food as well. Thanks again mom and dad for all your support and encouragement.

It's like opening a Christmas present

Hiker lifestyle

Jul 25, 2013

Not everyday is a big mileage day. When you only hike 10 miles, you get a lot of down time, and life seems to really slow down.

Depending on your personality, it can either be boring or relaxing. Thankfully I find it relaxing. Otherwise, this would be a very, very long journey.

Things to do: Gather wood, get your hair done by a section hiker, or catch up on some reading

Nara sleeping on Pink Leprechaun's bag. Terrible.

Hikers' television

Finishing up a so-so novel

Supporting local agriculture

Jul 25, 2013

Stopped by a farm store just 0.2 miles from the trail.

To be honest, the local Vermont root beer and raspberry sodas (made with Vermont mountain water) were my favorite out of the farm products I purchased. They helped push me through a 20+ mile day of rolling hills.

When you hike long distance, you crave sugar. Everyone seems to have a sweet tooth out here. There's a hiker I met who didn't drink soda for 6 years until he saw a cooler of sodas near a trail head.

Good hiker food: cheese, beef jerky, crackers, and sodas

Vermont isn't easy, it's less hard

Jul 25, 2013

Coming out or New Hampshire, I thought I'd start hiking big miles consistently, but Vermont still has a few small mountains and what seems like endless rolling hills.

I've noticed our mileage is slowly picking up though, which is a good sign.

Nice shelter just 6 miles away from Hanover

And nice trail