Appalachian Trail Jindo

A 2,200 mile hike with my dog Nara.

Goodbye New York

Aug 07, 2013

824.2 miles hiked, 1,361.7 miles to go.

Picture Update

Aug 07, 2013

I've gotten lazy shaving since Vermont. A few north-bounders jokingly said they knew I was a south-bounder because I had such little facial hair. I've seen some pretty impressive beards hiking the opposite direction.

Nara seems to have gained weight since we started. When we stayed at the hostel in Monson, Maine, everyone was concerned at how skinny she looked. Thankfully she now has a hikers' appetite.

Getting scruffy

Strong hiker legs

The Wildcat Shelter Trail Angels

Aug 07, 2013

Every few days a local group hikes 2.5 miles up to unsuspecting thru-hikers at the Wildcat shelter. They bring a lot of trail magic and hang out for awhile.

They arrived about 30 minutes after I arrived, and boy was I surprised and overwhelmed by their generosity.

It was funny. The women brought all sorts of fruit: cherries, pears, bananas, apples, and even a mango. The men on the other hand brought beef jerky and beer. Great combination of trail magic.

Generous People

Lemon Squeeze

Aug 07, 2013

One of the popular spots on the AT. The big test is to see if you can keep your pack on through the squeeze. I passed.

Christian Hospitality

Aug 07, 2013

Stayed at the Graymoor Spritual Life Center. Hikers are welcomed to stay at the monastery's ball field picnic shelter, which has electrical outlets, water spigot, and outdoor shower. Just as good as any motel stay!

It's also 1 mile away from a deli/market, so I stopped by for dinner and picked up some donuts for breakfast.


cool story

North-bounders: Pantry and Double Dare. Fun to talk to.

Peaceful sleep

2 month update

Aug 05, 2013

Currently in New Jersey. Need to catch up on posts.

We hiked 362.3 miles our first month. For the second month we hiked 466.1 miles. For our third month, I'm hoping we hike 550+ miles.


Aug 04, 2013

...right off the trail.


Careful when you night hike

Aug 04, 2013

I thought I had a shelter to myself one night when someone comes crashing in at 10:30.

In the morning, I find out it's Balloo, a north bounder I had crossed path with around 6 the night before.

Somehow she got split up with her friend during the night and ended up backtracking 6 miles south to the wrong shelter. It must have beem a scary walk considering the time and distance she was by herself in the pitch dark. Not to mention, very confusing since it took so long to get to the "next" shelter.

I probably would have flipped out, but she was able to laugh it off the next morning. Now that's a positive attitude.

Balloo, strong and brave hiker

First thing I do in New York

Aug 04, 2013

Make a fire. Someone came up with the great idea to prohibit campfires in Connecticut. I had a a horrible dinner experience there with tons of mosquitos as my guests.

So soothing