Appalachian Trail Jindo

A 2,200 mile hike with my dog Nara.

Goodbye Massachusetts

Aug 03, 2013

683 miles hiked, 1,502.9 miles to go.

Home School Project

Aug 03, 2013

I met Snacktime and Teacher while hiking in Massachusetts.

Snacktime is a home schooled student, and he and Teacher were section hiking as a small project. Part of that project was to hand out trail magic.

They gave me a pouch filled with essential hiking supplies: candy, bandages, pain relievers, wet wipes, tp, matches, etc.

Looks like Snacktime did his homework. Thanks to these awesome trail angels.

Flying through

Jul 31, 2013

Hiking through Massachusetts felt very quick. It's only about 90 miles; the terrain isn't difficult; we had great weather and views, and Nara and I are starting to log higher mileage days more consistently. I hope the trend continues.

Nara enjoys views like people?

Nice spot to clear your head

Energy Boosters - coffee and bcaa

Jul 31, 2013

My mornings never feel as good if I skip a cup of joe in the morning. Coffee really seems to give me a kick-start in the mornings that lasts until early noon.

And for longer mileage days, I take a serving of Scivation xTend bcaa supplement, which also seems to push my endurance. Not to mention, the flavors taste great.

I became interested in supplements after I met a triathlete on the trail. Since he's big in to nutrition and performance, we got to talking about diet out on the trail. Basically hikers' diet is eat everything in sight, but he also takes a bcaa (broken-chain amino acid) supplement to optimize his muscle performance and recovery.

More towns

Jul 31, 2013

The further south we go, the more towns we cross. I stopped by South Egremont for a quick sandwich, and then ordered another one to take with me for dinner. It's nice to have fresh food for a change.

Doesn't look like much, but to a hungry hiker who's been eating oatmeal, jerky, and pasta sides for a week, it's glorious

Thru-hiking tricks

Jul 31, 2013

Bright Side comes up with some bright ideas. After summiting Greylock in the morning, we walked into town of Chesire and had lunch at a bar & grill. We made two stops at the ice cream shop, hung around town, and then he had the bright idea to pick up hot dogs & buns and some beers to take up to a mountain campsite just 4 miles south.

Beers are heavy, but definately worth it.

Cooked these over a fire

Bright Side enjoying a cold one

Mt Greylock (elev 3,491)

Jul 30, 2013

Highest peak in Massachusetts. Nice weather, and smooth hiking.

Reminded me a lot of Shenandoah National Park since we kept crossing the road going up to the summit.

View is now of civilization rather than wilderness