Appalachian Trail Jindo

A 2,200 mile hike with my dog Nara.

Goodbye Connecticut

Aug 04, 2013

729.2 miles hiked, 1,456.7 miles to go.

Champion Jindo

Aug 04, 2013

Haha, I saw this pic on the real dog whisperer's website. It looks like a super buff version of Nara.

Perhaps after our long hike, Nara can ditch the marathon runner body, and pack on the muscles.

Nara is injured

Aug 04, 2013

After taking a short break, I noticed Nara wouldn't get up. I put her back on the leash and noticed she was limping on her front left leg.

I started to get real worried. I tried picking her up and walking, but she's gotten heavier to my surprise. I forced her to walk another mile to a campsite where we called it a day.

I'm not sure what caused the injury since she was off-leash and behind me, but when I checked her leg, there didn't seem to be anything seriously wrong.

Last few days we've been walking shorter miles, and she seems to have recovered. I've had plenty of shin splints, blisters, and sore feet, so I felt it fair to slow down when Nara also has some type of mild injury.

Poor Nara doesn't want to hike

Trail Magic from the NoBos

Aug 04, 2013

I saw some guys hanging ouy by the trail head near Kent. One spots me, says hi, and the convo goes like this:

Guy: "want a beer?"
Me: "really? yea."
Guy: "want a donut?"
Me: "yea."
Guy: "want some cookies?"
Me: "yea."
Guy: "want a ride into town?"
Me: "uh, yeaaaaaaaaa."

Hung out with them for a bit. It was 3 hikers who got off trail for a few days. They had access to a car, so they wanted to help out fellow hikers (both nobo and sobo). It was awesome!

Salisbury (pop 3,958)

Aug 04, 2013

We stopped by Salisbury to resupply and pick up a new stove.

This is the first town I kind of felt out of place. It seemed like everyone in the grocery store was staring at me thinking, "who is this hobo?" Maybe I should wash up a little before going into towns going forward.

Also replaced my alcohol stove with a gas canister stove. The alcohol stove (homemade) didnt seem very efficient, was getting too messy/dirty, and flared up too much. With the gas stove, I can cook in my tent's vestibule when it gets rainy.

Guarding my pack while I stop by the outfitter

Making coffee inside tent during a rainy morning

North bound bubble

Aug 03, 2013

Suprisingly I saw north bounders in Maine, but I think I've finally hit the north bound bubble (highest concentration of hikers).

What's nice about the bubble is that there's a lot more trail magic nearby.

I should be meeting the last of the north-bounders in NY and NJ, and then it should get real quiet for the south bounders.

I havent seen any in a week, and I keep hearing from north-bounders that there's only about 6-12 ahead of me.